Why Choose Us ?

Market dynamism changes abruptly, sometimes without any caution and disrupts the business nature.

We want you to become the leader, not just sailing with the winds, but dare to dream success.

We enjoy the challenges, because we know there are opportunities in challenges.

Simply ... we grow leaders.


Being Different

Sometimes outside in strategy has more appropriate than inside out strategy. No company can push their products to consumer’s throat, but can encourage them to chew it, taste it and swallow it provided the strategy is developed by identifying the consumer needs, wants and market gaps. Well are there any gaps in market ? Read more...

“ Measure twice and cut once ” – Carpenter’s rule


Connecting People

People are not ready to free their mind to accept anything and everything. Most advertisements scratch the surface and fail to penetrate the mind. The challenge is how to connect and find a permanent place in people’s minds. We did it, not once but many times since 1997. We can do it again and again, because we love it... Read more...

“ Normal advertisements engage, but
extraordinary win the minds ” – Akbar Batcha


Growing Leaders

Maxvision Consulting, a part of Maxvision International, specializes in providing one stop analyses and solutions backed by recognized professionals from across the globe. Our services includes Management, Business Re-Engineering, HR Development & optimization, Marketing, Finance, QMS, Education management. Read more...

“ Quality management is the combination of analyses,
system, evaluation and application ” – Akbar Batcha


Heart and Minds

The purpose of events is to entertain the people, energize their minds, invigorate energy and engage with the objectives that have been set for the events. Events are the most direct communication if executed with proper strategy. Maxvision brings thematic concept in cultural, musical, exhibition and promotions. Read more...

“ Events become feelings, feelings become events ” – Jerry Spinelli


Play and Fun

Maxvision Sports offers sports branding, management, venue services and infrastructure development. We represent and negotiate on behalf of clients for brand and personality endorsements. We do also organize and conduct corporate games, for team building, loyalty and performance enhancements. Read more...

“ If we cannot win, nobody can ” – Akbar Batcha


Skills and Employment

You have been filling your minds with fundamentals of knowledge and theories. It is the time to build your mind with life skills and career development. Choose your path with our aptitude and character analyses. Maxvision Academy is bridging the gap between graduates and employment with training courses and job placements. Read more...

“ Hire characters. Train skills ” – Peter Schutz

Films and TV Shows

Life and Art

There can’t be a better visual language than films and television shows. It is a powerful communication to promote a cause, social empathy, art, culture, knowledge and above all integrating the people and entertain their minds. Maxvision redefines with its powerful script and visual presentations. Read more...

“ Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were
born to stand out? ” – from movie What a Girl Wants

People’s Brand

Power of Consumers

People’s Brand is an ultimate award by people who love and live with the brands. Customers’ affinity with a brand, confidentiality in making a buying decision, usage at will, attitude towards the brand and loyalty factors are studied throughout the research. The brand that enhances the customer’s personality are all analyzed, measured and scored using advanced research tools and metrics. Read more...

“The brand that enhances the personality of
customers” – Akbar Batcha

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